Extreme justice is often injustice.

-Jean Racine


Families Against Mandatory Minimums 

(Information and updates on Bills pending for reduced  prison time)

Clemency Project 2014 (families)

(CP2014 for families and friends to help)

Clemency Project 2014 (volunteers)

(CP2014 for attorneys to volunteer to help)

Defend John Kiriokou

(Mark's friend and national hero)

Federal Bureau of Prisons

(Check on Mark's status)

American Civil Liberties Union

(Ask the ACLU to get involved and support Mark)

U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ)

Congressman Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ)

(Request political support for Mark's commutation)

Legal Services: Vincent Motto - Criminal Law Paralegal 

P.O. Box 31669 Philadelphia, Pa 19148

(215) 900-3881

e-mail: donavin1@comcast.net

(Speak with a member of Mark's legal team about helping or getting involved with the CP2014)

Mark with family & friends

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Contact Mark

Mark Lanzilotti


FCI Fairton Camp

P.O. Box 420

Fairton, NJ 08320